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We zijn zeer verheugd dat David Winch (Solo Tenor Horn International Staff Band) evenals de sectie van de Canadian Staff Band hebben gekozen voor de Willson Tenor Horn.


Jos Jansen Zahl Mir Was op You Tube, zie nieuws!


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John Starkes plays exclusively on the Willson Euphonium


John Starkes has had a distinguished career as a Euphonium player for many years. Having been brought up in Scotland, he first achieved distinction playing in the renowned Govan Salvation Army Band.
This was followed by moving south to Bournemouth where he became a member of the Boscombe Salvation Army Band, of which he has been the principal Euphonium for the last ten years.
As such he has performed both with bands and as a soloist throughout the United Kingdom as well as internationally, including visits to the Netherlands, Sweden, the USA, Canada, Norway and Denmark.
Whilst having been a consistent member of these Salvation Army bands, has has also been Principal Euphonium of the Egon Virstuosi Band, the Fuoco Brass Band, and is also currently the principal Euphonium of the Clarence Adoo Brass Band.
He also finds time to play as the Principal of the Bournemouth Concert Brass Band. John’s work as an ensemble player and as a soloist is in high demand and he is well known for his high standards and total consistency.

John’s recommendation for the Willson Euphonium:

Willson have really done their homework, with the design and construction of the new Willson Celebration Euphonium. Its new lead pipe (large bore) bell reconstructed body it plays like no other Euphonium I have ever played.
The Willson Celebration Euphonium is rich in sound with a full bodied tone through the complete register. It's ease of playing whether Pianissimo or Forte is quite incredible. It gives off a very clear rich projection which makes tuning very easy.
On some instruments playing tight fast semiquavers can sound a little woolly, but this instrument they are clear and precise which makes Solo playing ideal as well as band work.
This is the same throughout the complete register with its clear high register and Very full bodied lower register wonderful. It goes without saying that you can have a great instrument, but unless the valves are immaculate then it is a huge problem. Sadly this has been a problem I have had with my previous instruments. But not so with the new Wilson Euphonium, the valves are fantastic like nothing I have ever tried before, which breathes confidence into the performer.
No more of the “will they won't they work” just full concentration on the music, the instrument does the rest.
The trigger is very solid and beautifully constructed which is also different. I guess the best thing I can say is like all things made in Switzerland like their watches, their attention to detail on the bodywork and construction is impeccable.
They have left no stone unturned and gone to great to produce a Euphonium unrivalled to any other. I would gladly recommend to anyone as the finest Euphonium that I have ever played.

John Starkes.


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