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We zijn zeer verheugd dat David Winch (Solo Tenor Horn International Staff Band) evenals de sectie van de Canadian Staff Band hebben gekozen voor de Willson Tenor Horn.


Jos Jansen Zahl Mir Was op You Tube, zie nieuws!


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Anita Skjelnæs Milde exclusively on Willson


Anita Skjelnæs Milde

Anita hails from Bergen, Norway where she has played with bands such as Krohnengen Brass Band and Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag.
She attended Manger folk high school before she moved to Salford in the fall of 2008 to study music at The University of Salford under the guidance of renowned tenor horn tutor Sheona White.

Since living in the UK, Anita has been a member of the Norwegian National Band as principal tenor horn; touring in Norway and South-Africa.
She has also played for Fairey Band and Leyland Band which has given her the opportunity to play in numerous great concert venues around the UK.

She is currently playing solo horn for the famous Wingates band.
She regularly features as a soloist, and loves performing on the Willson tenor horn.
Anita is also a horn teacher at various summer courses in Norway and a tutor/conductor of community bands in greater Manchester.

Anita finished her BA Music (Hons) degree from Salford University in the summer of 2011, where she was awarded the Harry Mortimer Memorial Trust Award for Brass Student of the Year.
She is currently studying towards an MA Music degree in performance at The University of Salford and is receiving instrumental lessons from Owen Farr.


About the Willson Tenor Horn

It is a pleasure to play on the Willson horn and I feel very lucky to have the chance to play on an instrument of such high quality.
The instrument feels open and has a very mellow tone. I have played on this instrument for about three and a half months now and used it for various concert and competitions.
I have used the instrument continuously in my own band (Wingates band), and also bands which i have dep-ed for like Jackfield band, Carlton Main Frickley Band, Hepworth Band and Brighouse and Rastrick Band.
People notice that I play on a Willson horn and I have actively tried to answer questions about the instrument and highlight its qualities to people who have shown an interest.

The tuning of the instrument is great and the horn feels very comfortable to play in the low, middle and high register.
The only thing I have noticed is the tuning on the middle D which is slightly flat, even with the first slide all the way in.
This might just be the particular instrument that I have been playing, but this is the situation when other players have tried the instrument as well.
The valves run very smoothly. Apart from that the Willson horn is the best instrument I have ever tried and played over a longer time period.
It is easier to keep a mellow tone in the high register and easier to project the sound over other instruments that I have previously played.


Best regards,

Anita Milde


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